Welcome to the exciting world of NFT Art & Artists. Not sure how to start your journey into this world? Or what’s it even is? 

Well, that’s why I’m here too! So being the modern (slightly lazy) artist I’ve decided to pay a bright human to research this for me and then share these amazing insights with beautiful individuals such as yourself so that you can enjoy what the NFT Art world has to offer and the artists behind it. 

Now catch a breath… and think when did you first hear the word NFT?

To me, it’s like looking over my shoulder and remembering something that just happened. 5 years ago the world was barely mentioning the subject. Scratch that 1 year...

And now we are here. A moment, a new change, something… exciting! So.. this is what I offer to you.

Within each publication, I aim to educate, enhance and bring to life the world of NFT artwork and the artists who create it, so that you can slowly begin to grasp this exciting concept and perhaps even use it yourself… and dare I say one day be in this publication…

For starters, this will be a once a month coverage of all your NFT Art/Artist needs. In the future, there will be interviews, live Q&A’s and much more. 

Looking forward to seeing you around!  

P.S If you google vapoured this is what comes up…

past tense: vapoured; past participle: vapoured

  1. talk in a vacuous, boasting, or pompous way.
    "he was vapouring on about the days of his youth"

Pretty funny right 😂  Also it’s not used anymore so want to help me bring it back?

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Hello. I’m Oliver, an artist, a business owner and a human who wishes to travel the world. Since 2016 I’ve been investing in various cryptocurrencies, learning about different projects and trying to understand what the blockchain world had to offer.